Spilo Technical Textiles produces woven geotextiles suited for road construction applications. The physical properties of polypropylene woven geotextiles make them ideal for separating aggregate and soil sub-grade to stabilise the foundation and thus prolong the surface life of the road (or similar). The separation geotextile prevents the mixing of the sub-grade soil fines with the aggregate in the transition zone thus preserving the original structural integrity of the aggregate whilst still allowing water to pass through the layers. Use of a geotextile also allows the laying of more open, easier draining aggregates. Geotextiles are also cost-efficient for temporary roads as almost all the aggregate can be reclaimed and re-used once the road has fulfilled its original purpose due to minimal intermixing with the sub-grade These geosynthetics provide reinforcement, stabilization, drainage, separation and filtration which are key elements in road construction. Applications include: Roads, railways, pavements, parking lots, other paved or tarred areas