Frequently Asked Questions

Woven polymer products offer certain key features and advantages that non-wovens aren’t able to. Our woven products provide specific levels of permeability, durability and longevity that are only achievable with the types of woven construction that we manufacture.

Extended exposure to high levels of UV, typical to the southern hemisphere, has an exponentially damaging effect to any polymer over time. Our polypropylene is UV stabilised for southern hemisphere UV exposure but is less stable than our UV stabilised high density polyethylene (HDPE) polymer based product range. Our proprietary HDPE range has been designed with the harshest UV environments in mind and has been proven to outlast anything else available on the market under those harsh environmental conditions.

Spilo is committed to manufacturing recyclable, long-use polymer-based Products. To that end, Spilo is developing new ways to close the loop on products that we, and others, have manufactured.

Our products are manufactured according to specific standard widths, depending on which sector you’re sourcing for, namely:

- 0.5m
- 0.75m
- 1m
- 1.5m
- 1.8m
- 3m
- 4m
- 5.3m

We also manufacture custom widths depending on minimum order quantities and factory capacity. Enquire now with one of our sales people to find the best fit for your purposes.

Our standard terms require a 50% deposit, with the balance due upon completion of your order. Credit terms are available on a case-by-case basis.

We strive to deliver on or before estimated dispatch dates. Lead times vary according to the size and type of the order as well as factory capacity.

Spilo dispatches from 08h00 - 16h00 during weekdays and is closed for dispatch on weekends and holidays.

We regularly deliver throughout the SADC region and can arrange delivery for you.

Please ensure you provide ample time for sea freight (+- 45 days) or airfreight (+- 7days), when placing your order with us.